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Hellboy ‘verse + color palettes

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the companions

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Dragon Age: Inquisition companions + defining characteristics: The Iron Bull

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we must all play our part

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why’d you do it

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Need Help Buying a Car for After Graduation

Hi! My name is Siona, and I live in the great city of Columbus, Ohio, and I’m going to school here too. In case you don’t follow me and don’t know my background, I have pursued an associate’s in science as I study Graphic Design; this’ll also make me the first person in my immediate family to graduate college! I have big hopes of joining a firm someday.

But my immediate need is for a vehicle that can help me succeed in my field once I graduate.

As anyone in Columbus will tell you, getting from place to place without a car can be difficult. We have a bus system, COTA, but it does not reach everywhere and the bus lines can be problematic. Just to get to my school takes an hour long bus ride; to get to my internship is 4 hours every day. The only way I am able to get to my weekend job that has been supporting me through college is with my roommate’s car, thanks to her kindness, but three people sharing the same car has been a huge strain on our schedules, gas, and the poor car itself.

On August 9th, I will be graduating. I will be seeking full-time employment as I begin to pay for my school loans. My part-time job has offered to give me full-time hours, which is a blessing.

But not having a car means that my options are extremely limited because many possible employment places will be in parts of the city that offer no bus routes or, at best, hours and hours away from where I live. As well, my current job only offers near minimum wage, meaning that I will be so busy paying for bills and rent and monthly bus money that saving up for a car on my own wages will be nearly impossible.

So with this, I am asking for the kindness of others to help me save up $2000, either to buy a used car or to gather a down payment for one. Nothing fancy, nothing new, something to get me from point A to point B as I work on getting my life on track.

All money donated will go towards a savings account I am setting aside explicitly to save for a car. Any extra funds past my goal will be put towards any repairs it might need, as well as getting plates and other necessities.

Any and all reblogs or signal boosts are so, so appreciated!

Update! $240 raised so far, 57 days left! Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped out so far!

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Dragon Age: Inquisition companions + defining characteristics: First Enchanter Vivienne

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Dragon Age: Inquisition companions + defining characteristics: Dorian Pavus

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